Wednesday, 25 July 2018

I am really proud of this writing because it has lots of good ideas and punctuation.

Wednesday, 28 March 2018

my art

My art is to show how much fun you can have & it causes little to no pollution. Loads of people have cars with bad mileage.  that is pollution notice there's nothing causing pollution in my art, No cars or nothing but still, they are sunbathing and diving. Which I think is a good idea did you know if we don't stop using oil and gas we will run out by 2088? THAT'S A FACT. Another fact is that we will not run out of drinkable water for 1000's of years, fortunately. We need to stop using so much oil & gas. there is not much fish because of overfishing. It shows new Plymouth's amazing landscape and very high air quality its name is SMOOTH OCEAN FLOOR

Monday, 6 November 2017

Me and luca's fishing trip

Hi guys Xavier here

here is my movie of me & Luca's fishing trip

Thursday, 21 September 2017



The jail………….2
Cars …………..3
Places you rob…………...4

On roblox (a game I play) there's a game i play called jailbreak it's a game about escaping jail. as you can see when you escape you can rob jewellery stores and banks. you can get guns helicopters everything. you get money from robbing places and when you get money you can buy new cars. there’s a convertible and passengers can shoot out the window because it's convertible.

the jail
As you know from the title the game is all about escaping a jail in this photo it will show you.


On jailbreak there's a lot of cars considering it's quite a new game the cars are pickup truck
There's an electric car, a convertible, Lamborghini, motorbike, and BUGATTI!

Here are pictures so now you know they are pretty cool cars you can get if you save
  up your money if you don't then you won't be able to get anything which can be annoying

Places you rob,

On jailbreak so far there are four places you can rob a jewellery store a bank  gas station and donut shop it's fun but each store comes with a catch. gas station and donut shop take longer. the jewellery store you have to take the gems to the criminal base. before you get money with the bank you need a keycard. and the jewellery store there's more high tech security. and you can only get a keycard from a cop you have to pickpocket them annoying much.


In jailbreak there are two criminal bases and two cop bases. the cop bases are at the jail and just out of town heading to the radio tower. the two criminal bases is heading out of the small town. and there is one before the bridge. the other one is if you follow the train track you'll end up there. it is by the jewellery store at both cop bases you'll find gear and a helipad. at both criminal bases you'll find gear and a place to change out of your prison jumpsuit you'll also  find a place to get cars.

On jailbreak you're allowed to pimp your ride you can get a number of different paints. you can also get different rims it's cool because that means people will think you're boss. you get a new safe every day and that comes with a new paint job or a new safe or something. it's cool i've got quite a boss car because i've got good paint and cool rims for the car. the rims are mags i rob stores with the camaro and drive around in the pickup truck. it's actually fun because when you rob the jewellery store you don't need a car you can parachute to the criminal base that's not annoying.

Thursday, 11 May 2017

my maths knowledge goal

my maths knowledge goal is to know how many hundreds there is in a three or four digit number